Reach the Beach - Chicago

Swim Course

Skyline from Oakwood Beach_edited.jpg

Oakwood Beach (39th Street Beach)
Start / Finish Line

22-Mile Out & Back Course

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Course Description:  Starting from Oakwood Beach, teams swim northeast for 11 miles to the turnaround point which is 90 degrees and 10 miles due east off the tip of Navy Pier (directly in front of downtown Chicago).  Teams round the turnaround point and swim 11 miles back to finish at Oakwood Beach. 

The Veteran Swim Team will mark the 11-mile turnaround point for the public swim on Saturday and will start their swim from that point on Tuesday and swim to Oakwood Beach.


The Marina:  Support boats will depart from and return to the 31st Street Harbor, 1 mile north of Oakwood Beach.  The marina will also be used in the event a swimmer is in need of an emergency transport.

GPS Waypoints

  • Oakwood Beach (start/finish line):   Lat 41° 49.282'N Lon 87° 35.715'W 

  • 11-Mile Turnaround Point:  Lat 41° 53.499'N Lon 87° 24.244'W

  • 31st Street Harbor (entrance):  Lat 41° 50.140N Lon 87° 36.070W

Swim Course Alterations

If weather and/or lake conditions dictate that completing the 22-mile course is unlikely in the allotted 15 hours, if the start of the swim is significantly delayed, or if the swim is likely to be terminated early, the turnaround point may be moved closer to Oakwood Beach to shorten the course as deemed necessary.  We would rather see you complete a shorter, successful swim than be forced to abort a swim.


To read the full details on swim delays, early termination, or cancellation, please see Disclosures.