Swim Mission 22

Veterans Program Outcomes


Through the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program, the Veterans’ focus on positive challenges will allow them to better control the effects of the negative challenges in their lives and draw upon their growing strength to overcome obstacles in their journey’s path to wellness.   



Through the Reach the Beach – Chicago Veterans Swim, the Veterans will not only prove something to themselves, but they will also inspire and

motivate other disabled Veterans, and ALL who benefit from their example to face their challenges and rise with them to new heights. 

Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program

Benefits Summary


Months of on-going training in pursuit of an athletic goal helps to systematically develop, build, and sustain positive physical results as well as a positive mental and emotional focus.  This is not a “one-and-done” weekend program.  


NOTE: Health clubs and volunteer swim coaches offering free memberships and training to disabled Veterans will receive sponsorship benefits.  The Veteran Swim Team coach also receives an invitation to participate in the Reach the Beach – Chicago Veteran Swim.


Camaraderie and teamwork with fellow Veterans who share their life challenges will provide a sense of community as they fundraise and face the swim challenge together. 


Athletic success, measured only against their own personal goals, will provide a lifelong sense of accomplishment and boost in confidence. 


NOTE:  Veterans may choose to swim any part or all of the 11-mile course.  They may choose to swim solo or with teammates as a relay.  


A greater-than-self sense of purpose will result from supporting other Veterans and all who face similar challenges, through fundraising and heightened public awareness generated by their story.  This will buoy their own healing process and well-being. 



Swim Mission 22 will work with non-profit partners and their counselors to facilitate the Casting Out Burden Veterans Retreat, and to measure overall outcomes of the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program