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A spectacular Lake Michigan and coastline view from the Signature Room.

Welcome!  You are likely reading this information because you have been directed here by an adventurous and generous family member or friend, whom we refer to as an “Open Water Swim Warrior.”  They are earning their swim warrior status by participating in Reach the Beach – Chicago, where they and 3 team members will take on the challenge of swimming 22-miles out & back to beyond the Lake Michigan horizon from Chicago in support of disabled U.S. combat Veterans! 


Through the  Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program,  and thanks to the swimmer’s fundraising efforts and generous donors like you, disabled combat Veterans will participate in a life-changing version of their own Reach the Beach – Chicago swim.  This climactic experience follows months of positive goal-oriented training, empowering them toward a brighter future.


Any size donation you can contribute to support your favorite swimmer’s mission to help Veterans who sacrificed with valor for our freedom is greatly appreciated by all! 


Swim Mission 22 would also like to present you with an option to become a member of a swimmer’s Corps 22 teamCorps 22 membership will put your patriotism on display and may earn you a cool reward! 

Become a Corps 22 Charter Member!

Swim Mission 22 is recruiting a core team of supporters for each Reach the Beach – Chicago swimmer referred to as their “Corps 22.” 


A one-time donation of $155 or greater makes you a proud Corps 22 Charter Member for the 2022 inaugural event.  A $155 contribution is the equivalent of $19.38 per month or $.65 per day in support of a swimmer over their 8-month fundraising campaign.


As a gift, you will receive a Corps 22 “2022 Charter Member” jersey to show your support for disabled combat Veterans and will be eligible to enter the Corps 22 Photo Contest and win The Chicago Experience! 

Corps 22 Jersye - Front.png
Corps 22 Jersey - Back.png

Final design is not pictured.  Design is subject to change.  Text color on back will match logo color on front.

About the Jerseys:  Corps 22 jerseys are sweat-wicking athletic garments which will never be available to anyone other than a Corp 22 member.  All jerseys are red, and like the red in the American flag, represents hardiness and valor, as well as courage and readiness to sacrifice.  Red is also said to represent the blood shed by those who have fought to protect our freedom and country.  We would love to see enough Corps 22 members attending Reach the Beach – Chicago that the beach becomes a field of red in support of you and the Veterans you are swimming for!

The Chicago Experience

Be there to see the swim and support your swimmer!

If you win the Corps 22 Photo Contest, you and your guest will be awarded *The Chicago Experience.!  We will also be awarding our top fundraising swim team The Chicago Experience and they will take one of their donors and guests along.  That could also be you!


The Chicago Experience includes:


  • 3 nights accommodations at the official Reach the Beach - Chicago hotel (to be announced).  The hotel will be near the beach and marina for the swim.


  • Dinner at the elegant Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower.  Enjoy lavish dining with a breathtaking view of the Lake Michigan swim course!

Delivery of The Chicago Experience is contingent on Reach the Beach – Chicago selling out and all 12 teams meeting their minimum fundraising requirement.

Corps 22 Photo Contest

Corps 22 members may don their jerseys and enter a photo contest on our Corps 22 Photo Contest Facebook Page (link not yet available).  Whoever posts the photo receiving the most “likes” wins The Chicago Experience for two!


The only requirement is that a Corps 22 member jersey must appear in the photo.  Contestants can get creative in showing off their jersey in a manner that is patriotic, moving, unique, funny (in good taste), and creates exposure for the mission.


Photo Contest period:  May 15 – 31, 2022

Photo Contest Winner announced:  June 1, 2022

Please contact your favorite Reach the Beach – Chicago swimmer to order your Corps 22 Charter Member jersey! 

Your swimmer will provide you with an online fundraising link for making your donation and may also accept a check. 


We will send all jerseys in single shipments to swimmers in early May prior to the Photo Contest.  If delivery is in question, please discuss arrangements for getting your jersey with your swimmer.  Your jersey will arrive later but please support your swimmer today so they can meet their fundraising milestones! 


            THANK YOU for Joining Our Mission!


More Information about Reach the Beach - Chicago:  www.SwimMission22.com


More Information about the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program: 





Sharing the Love with a Charitable Partner

We want to be very transparent about our for-profit status and how we work with a non-profit organization. 


All event entry fees and initial fundraising revenue go to Event Marketing Enterprises Inc., DBA: Swim Mission 22.  We are a for-profit professional event management company which produces the Reach the Beach - Chicago public swim as a fundraiser to produce the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program.   We are in the unique position of producing BOTH a public event and a “hands on” Veterans program as part of and as an extension of that event.    


As the professional event management company producing Reach the Beach - Chicago, only we are capable of providing therapeutic benefits for Veterans through their participation in our event and ongoing training program.  No outside charitable organization can provide these services. 


After the budgets for the Reach the Beach – Chicago public swim and Veterans program are met, we will share the love and direct 100% of fundraising revenue to the Veterans charity partner we will be working with in tandem to carry out our mission.  We will be naming our charitable partner soon.      


Initial donations going to Swim Mission 22 are not tax-deductible, while subsequent donations going directly to our non-profit partner are tax-deductible.  The tax-deductible portion of the donation will appear on the donation receipt for donor tax purposes.

The generosity of our donors allows us to put on this epic swim experience for our swimmers, while empowering disabled U.S. combat Veterans with whom the swimmers (and donors in attendance) will interact in Reach the Beach – Chicago.  We are not just throwing money at a faceless cause, but rather are facilitating a means for us to be directly involved in changing lives through funding Veterans’ participation in the program and seeing the positive results first-hand at the event.