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Opting Out & Replacement Swimmers


Yeah, things happen.

This page is for swimmers opting out and Team Captains looking to replace them.

What to Do if Opting Out 

If you decide to opt-out of the swim, due to not meeting a fundraising milestone or for any reason, we kindly ask that you notify your Team Captain of your intentions ASAP.  Your Captain will want to begin recruiting a replacement swimmer right away, and that swimmer should be given as much time as possible to prepare for the swim and to pick up where you left off in your much-appreciated fundraising efforts.


To officially opt-out of the swim, we ask that you notify us in writing (Contact Us) or by replying to an email notification we send 2 weeks prior to all fundraising milestone deadlines.  A swimmer will automatically opt-out if a milestone deadline passes with a fundraising deficit.


After opting out, your online personal fundraising profile will be hidden, but the amount you raised will still contribute to your team’s total. 


If opting out, entry fees and all fundraising revenue are non-refundable.  Please see full Refund Policy in Disclosures

Replacement Swimmers

Swimmers who opt-out of the swim will be replaced with a swimmer of the Team Captain’s choice.  If a Team Captain should themselves opt-out, a current team member or the new replacement swimmer (chosen by the team) may assume the role of Team Captain. 


Team Captains may shop for and recruit replacement swimmers from the Find Teammates Forum, the Waitlist, from among friends, etc.  The Team Captain will be given 7 days (1 week) to choose and Register a replacement swimmer. 


If the 7-day “Captain’s Choice” period expires, we will replace the team member by sending an email notification of the opening to all individual swimmers on the waitlist.  The swimmer highest on the waitlist who responds affirmatively within 24 hours will be awarded an entry invitation with a 48-hour registration period.  Exception:  While we may get involved in helping to recruit a distance swimmer for a vacancy on a team in the Distance Competition division, we will not randomly choose a replacement swimmer from the waitlist to fill this position.  


The replacement swimmer will take over the previous swimmer’s fundraising campaign.  The previous swimmer will be responsible for meeting the prorated minimum fundraising requirement for the actual length of time we held a spot for them, plus 14 days to secure a replacement swimmer.  This is assured by a credit card guarantee policy designed to allow the new swimmer to start without inheriting a fundraising deficit and remain on pace to meet the next fundraising milestone deadline. 


The minimum fundraising requirement for replacement swimmers will be the balance needed to reach $3,400 in fundraising after subtracting the funds raised by and/or the amount charged to the previous swimmer, and that amount will be prorated to create custom milestones over the remainder of the fundraising campaign.



Replacing an Entire Team 


If an entire team opts out during the fundraising campaign, we will send an email notification of the opening to all Team Captains in the appropriate competitive division.  The Team Captain highest on the waiting list who responds affirmatively to filling the position within 48 hours, will be awarded entry invitations for his/her team.  The team will be given a 72-hour period for all 4 team members to register.      



For full details on entering the event, replacement swimmers should see Entry Details.


For full details on fundraising, replacement swimmers should see Fundraising Details.