Reach the Beach - Chicago

Lifeguards & Volunteers

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Lifeguard & Volunteer Opportunities

Lifeguards and volunteers will find their experience fun and rewarding whether they are serving on a team support boat, on the beach, or at the marina!  Some of the beach volunteers needed are paddle boarders and/or kayakers.

Certified Lifeguards volunteer their time on the day of the swim but are paid as members of our Safety Committee for their review of our safety plan and valued input.  

Swimmers - Do you know someone who might like to share your adventure as an event volunteer?   Do you know any Lifeguards looking for a cool assignment which looks good on their resume’?  

More details on volunteer job descriptions and compensation for Lifeguards are provided on the Volunteer Sign-Up page.


The Volunteer Sign Up page is not yet set up.  Please check back soon. 


If you Contact Us and express your interest we will keep you posted.  Thank you!