Reach the Beach - Chicago

Fundraising Details

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While you are literally swimming
for new horizons you are creating new horizons for Veterans!


Once you Enter a Swim Mission 22 event, you and your teammates
must qualify for the swim through fundraising.

Minimum Fundraising Requirement (more details below):  $3,400


Fundraising Methods & Strategy

RunSignUp is our online registration & fundraising platform.


You are ready to begin accepting online donations as soon as you complete your personal fundraising profile on your team’s fundraising page when you register for the swim.





Your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, faith-based connections, members of your civic organization, members of your club, fellow sports team/league members, and social media network will likely wish to support you in your adventurous swimming quest for disabled U.S. combat Veterans.  Your employer and local businesses may wish to sponsor you. 

Send everyone to this website to see what your adventure and the mission behind it is all about!




“Corps 22” Fundraising
You and your donors may earn “The Chicago Experience”

Signature Room View.jpg

A spectacular Lake Michigan and coastline view from the Signature Room.

“Corps 22” fundraising rewards the top Reach the Beach – Chicago

fundraising team with “The Chicago Experience” and also

awards donors who have supported our swimmers. 

Passing this incentive on to donors encourages them to

support you, making them feel they are part of your team

and mission for disabled combat Veterans!

The Chicago Experience

*The Chicago Experience will be awarded to the 4 members of the top fundraising swim team, **a donor chosen by the top fundraising swim team, and the Corps 22 member (donor) who wins the photo contest.  Each award recipient may bring a guest.



The Chicago Experience includes:


  • 3 nights accommodations at the official Reach the Beach - Chicago hotel (to be announced).  The hotel will be near the beach, marina and is where the Packet pick-up/Informational meeting will be held.


  • Dinner at the elegant Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower.  Enjoy lavish dining with a breathtaking view of your Lake Michigan swim course!


Your hotel accommodations and convenient parking will make getting to the marina and beach starting line for the swim easy on game day.  We have included a third night to extend your stay, allowing dinner at the Signature Room on Thursday or Sunday (your choice).  Your reward may be used at another time if you are not able to extend your stay.

Delivery of The Chicago Experience is contingent on Reach the Beach – Chicago selling out and all 12 teams meeting their minimum fundraising requirement.


**  Suggestion:  Top fundraising team may choose to award their top donor or select a donor in a manner which gives all their donors a chance to win the award.

Jerseys for your Corps 22 Team

What is your Corps 22 In theory, it is 22 people willing to support your 8-month fundraising campaign with a one-time donation of $155, which is the equivalent of $19.38 per month or $.65 per day. 


Twenty-two donors of $155 would cover your $3,400 fundraising minimum requirement. 


Those who join your Corps 22 team with a donation of $155 or greater will receive a Corps 22 “2022 Charter Member” jersey to show their support for disabled combat Veterans and will be eligible to win The Chicago Experience


We know not all your donors will pay $155 to join your Corps 22 team.  However, Corps 22 fundraising can have a big impact in helping everyone meet their fundraising goals, whether you sell more or less than 22 team memberships.  You likely have a number of donors planning on giving $100 who are willing to donate another $55 to join your Corps 22 team and support your epic swim mission!   

Corps 22 Jersye - Front.png
Corps 22 Jersey - Back.png

Final design is not pictured.  Design is subject to change.  Text color on back will match logo color on front.

About the Jerseys:  Corps 22 jerseys are sweat-wicking athletic garments which will never be available to anyone other than a Corp 22 member.  All jerseys are red, and like the red in the American flag, represents hardiness and valor, as well as courage and readiness to sacrifice.  Red is also said to represent the blood shed by those who have fought to protect our freedom and country.  We would love to see enough Corps 22 members attending Reach the Beach – Chicago that the beach becomes a field of red in support of you and the Veterans you are swimming for!

Corps 22 Photo Contest

Corps 22 members may don their jerseys and enter a photo contest on our Corps 22 Photo Contest Facebook Page (link not yet available).  Whoever posts the photo receiving the most “likes” wins The Chicago Experience for two!


The only requirement is that a Corps 22 member jersey must appear in the photo.  Contestants can get creative in showing off their jersey in a manner that is patriotic, moving, unique, funny (in good taste), and creates exposure for the mission.

Corps 22 Jersey Orders

How Jerseys will be Shipped:  We will send your order in a single shipment to the mailing address you specify on your order form.  Unfortunately, neither we nor our supplier can ship jerseys directly to individual recipients.


It is your choice whether to ship jerseys to contacts outside of your area or limit providing jerseys only to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, club members, etc., you will see and can hand-deliver to.


How to Take Jersey Orders:  Please download the Corps 22 Jersey Order Form and send us your order before the March 31, 2022 deadline. 


To help recruit donor prospects for your swim mission, you may provide them the “Please Join Our Mission” webpage link ( or download a Please Join Our Mission” document to use as a handout or email attachment.


Please ask your supporters to contact you to place their jersey order and provide them your online fundraising link to donate $155 or more (you may also accept a check).  


If you are not planning on shipping jerseys, it is best to state that in your fundraising appeals and ask your supporters to make arrangements for getting their jerseys when they contact you to place their order.        

Schedule (Jerseys & Photo Contest)

As soon as you are officially registered for Reach the Beach – Chicago, you may begin fundraising and selling Corps 22 team memberships.  


Deadline for jersey orders:  March 31, 2022

You will receive jersey shipment:  Early May

Photo Contest period:  May 15 – 31, 2022

Photo Contest Winner announced:  June 1, 2022


Your means of fundraising include the following:


*  Solicit Online Donations (you may also collect donation checks offline).  Share the link to your personal fundraising page with everyone you know, especially your social media network.  Tell them about your mission, ask them for their support and to consider joining your Corps 22 team.


Please note that a 4% processing fee is added to online donations by RunSignUp.   


*  Organize A Fundraiser.  We applaud your creativity in organizing a personal or team fundraiser!  If your fundraiser involves a gathering (especially around the holidays), this is a good place and time to pitch Corps 22 membership.  We may be able to help get you started with some fundraiser ideas.  Please see Fundraiser Ideas (coming soon).


*  Recruit Sponsors.  We will provide a sponsorship benefits package to help you recruit a business to sponsor your team.  This will take a nice chunk out of your minimum fundraising requirement!  We will also provide ideas for recruiting businesses as personal sponsors. Please see Sponsorship Packages (coming soon).



For offline contributions, checks should be made out to Swim Mission 22 and sent to the following address.  Please do not send cash.


Swim Mission 22   

17527 Parkwood Dr., Ste. B

Spring Lake, MI  49456


NOTE:  Unlike online donations which automatically update your online fundraising total, we must manually update your online total to account for funds received in a shipment.  Please be patient.  We will try to manually update your online fundraising total within 48 hours of receiving a shipment. 


Minimum Fundraising Requirement

  • Minimum Fundraising Requirement (per team member): $3,400

  • Time to Raise the Funds to Qualify for Swim (full campaign): 8 months


  • Minimum Fundraising Requirement per 2-month Quarter for 8-month Campaign: $850

While individual swimmers must meet their fundraising milestones to qualify for the swim, teams must collectively raise the equivalent of 4 qualifying swimmers meeting the overall campaign’s minimum fundraising requirement. 


For full details please see Minimum Fundraising Requirements to Qualify for Swim in Disclosures.





Fundraising Schedule  

Fundraising Milestone Deadlines:  The full 8-month fundraising period to qualify for the swim is broken into four 2-month quarters, each with a fundraising milestone to reach by a deadline.  These milestones keep swimmers and the event on track.


The fundraising milestone deadlines (marked with red text in the schedule below), must be met to stay in the swim, or a swimmer may opt-out and be replaced with another swimmer. 


Having a plan to come strong out of the gate at the outset of the campaign should keep you ahead of the fundraising milestone deadlines!


You may Download the following full 8-month fundraising schedule.  

2021/2022 Fundraising Schedule



Swimmers registering on or before October 15th will have a full 8+ months to raise their 

$3,400 minimum fundraising requirement and their quarterly milestones will be the dollar

amounts shown in the schedule below.


*  The $3,400 minimum requirement for original swim team members registering after October 15th will be prorated based on the length of their shortened fundraising campaign to create custom quarterly milestones (not shown below). 


*  The minimum fundraising requirement for swimmers replacing team members who have 

opted out, will be the balance needed to reach $3,400 in fundraising after subtracting the funds raised by and/or the amount charged to the previous swimmer, and that amount will be prorated to create custom milestones based on the length of their fundraising campaign.

  • 1st Fundraising Milestone Deadline - December 15, 2021 @ 11:59 p.m. CST:       At this deadline, each swimmer must have raised a minimum of $850.


  • 2nd Fundraising Milestone Deadline - February 15, 2022 @ 11:59 p.m. CST:        At this deadline, each swimmer’s running fundraising total must be a minimum of $1,700. 


  • 3rd Fundraising Milestone Deadline – April 15, 2022 @ 11:59 p.m. CDT:                At this deadline, each swimmer’s running fundraising total must be a minimum of $2,550.  This deadline is also the CONFIRMATION DATE.  In conjunction with our email notification 2 weeks prior the 3rd milestone deadline, we will ask swimmers who have not yet reached their total $3,400 minimum fundraising requirement for the campaign to confirm their participation in the swim with the understanding they will be responsible for payment of any fundraising deficit at the end of the fundraising campaign on June 15th.


  • 4th Fundraising Milestone (Final Deadline) - June 15, 2022 @ 11:59 p.m. CDT:  This is the FUNDRAISING DEADLINE to qualify for entry in the July 9, 2022 Reach the Beach – Chicago event.  At this deadline, the campaign’s total minimum fundraising requirement of $3,400 must be met.  



The fundraising campaign is kept open through the weekend following Reach the Beach – Chicago to maximize donations spurred by the event’s publicity. 

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE:  While online donations are posted automatically at any hour, offline contributions must be received in our office prior to the preceding deadlines to be counted toward meeting the required fundraising milestones!

Donating to Yourself Online to Meet a Deadline 


Making a credit card donation to your own personal fundraising page is a quick and easy way to stay qualified for the swim if you are nearing a milestone deadline with a fundraising deficit.  Remember, you may be able to reimburse yourself if planning an upcoming fundraiser.  



Our Notifications to You


  • You will earn a badge and receive a congratulatory email notification each time you meet a fundraising milestone! 


  • For each of the 4 fundraising milestone deadlines, we will email you a notification 2 weeks in advance as a reminder of your upcoming milestone.

Ed Finhead.jpg

Your Credit Card Guarantee

Confirming Your Qualification or Opting Out

Not as scary as it might sound.  No, really.  Ask Ed Finhead.

During online registration with RunSignUp, you are asked to guarantee your minimum fundraising requirement for the campaign to your credit card by checking a box with the verbiage, “I agree to meet the Fundraiser minimum.  If I do not reach $X,XXX in donations, I agree to pay the difference.”  For an original team member (not a replacement swimmer), that dollar amount is $3,400.  We think this standard verbiage may sound a bit alarming and deserves further explanation. 


Cutting to the chase, our equation in the second shaded box below shows that the most at risk in a worse-case scenario should not exceed $1,446.81 … and this includes your entry fee, sales tax and RunSignUp processing fee.  This equation and the following explanations are based on $850 quarterly minimum fundraising requirements for a full 8-month campaign. Please read on.


While the full campaign’s $3,400 minimum fundraising requirement is guaranteed at the outset, only 25% of that requirement will apply to swimmers at a time, since the 8-month campaign is broken into four 2-month quarters of $850.  Therefore, in actuality, guaranteeing responsibility for a fundraising deficit will apply to a single quarter, NOT the full campaign.   

As the campaign plays out, you will ONLY be guaranteeing responsibility for a single-quarter fundraising deficit in ONLY one of the following two scenarios. 


1.  Confirming Your Qualification:  If you stay with us for the duration of the campaign,

meeting your first 3 fundraising milestones and continuing after the April 15th Confirmation Date, your credit card guarantee applies to just any amount you are short of the $850 minimum fundraising requirement for the 4th quarter.  At this point you have already met 75% of your responsibility and your credit card guarantees you have qualified for the swim.  You are in!   


2.  Opting Out:  You may opt out at any time.  Before the April 15th Confirmation Date, if

you opt-out of the swim by not meeting a quarterly fundraising milestone or for any reason, you will not be responsible for more than the difference between the prorated amount you were expected to raise by that date and the amount you actually raised, if falling short.  This assumes any previous quarterly fundraising milestones were met for you to still be in the swim at that point.  So, with a quarterly minimum fundraising requirement of $850, a swimmer opting out with a fundraising deficit will only be responsible for an amount between $1 and $850 (plus 14-day buffer – see example below).  


Example of Opting Out with a Fundraising Deficit (based on an 8-month fundraising campaign's $14 daily proration):


Scenario:  Swimmer Ed Finhead raised $850 to meet his first fundraising milestone for the

campaign’s first 60-day quarter.  Mr. Finhead opts-out of the swim 30 days into the 2nd quarter of the campaign.  He has raised $150 in the 2nd quarter, bringing his total to $1,000 for the 90 days a spot was held for him in the swim.

$1,260 Prorated minimum fundraising requirement (90 days x $14)

- $1,000 Ed Finhead’s fundraising to date

$260 Fundraising deficit

+ $196 Buffer to secure replacement swimmer (14 days x $14)


$456 Ed Finhead’s guaranteed responsibility

Payment of $456 relieves Ed Finhead of his credit card guarantee for the $2,400 fundraising

requirement remaining for the entire 8-month campaign.


Yes, it’s nice that Ed Finhead saved nearly $2,000 as compared to paying the remaining fundraising requirement for the entire campaign, but we understand no one wants to owe money when they are no longer going to swim.  Please understand though, that this is an expensive event to produce.  Having just 48 exclusive spots in an event with dedicated support boats and staff for your team (among many other expenses) must come with some assurance for us – especially considering the goal of being able to serve disabled U.S. combat Veterans.


So how much money are you really risking? 


Worse-case scenario:  Swimmer Ed Finhead opts-out after occupying a team roster position for a full 2-month quarter and not raising a penny in that quarter.  The following example assumes the $14 daily proration of the full quarterly minimum fundraising requirement equals an even $850.   

Worse-Case Scenario 


$350 Entry fee

$31.50 Sales tax

$19.31 RunSignUp processing fee

$850 Full quarterly minimum fundraising requirement ($0 funds raised)

+ $196 Prorated 14-day buffer for securing replacement swimmer



While $1,446.81 is much better than $3,800.81 (entry fee, sales tax, processing fee & full campaign’s minimum fundraising requirement), swimmers must still be willing to commit to this unlikely worse-case scenario amount to participate!

Of course, we hope to avoid doing math.  We want you stay with us for this adventurous mission!

PLEASE NOTE:  Your credit card guarantee will NOT be used to cover fundraising deficits for the first 3 milestone deadlines to keep you IN the swim.  The credit card guarantee is ONLY for settling fundraising deficits at the END of the swim – either after the final 4th quarter of the campaign to qualify a swimmer, or after a swimmer opts-out. 


Please see the full Credit Card Guarantee Policy.


For swimmers opting out and Team Captains looking to replace them, please see Opting Out & Replacement Swimmers for more details.


For You & Your Donors

Thanking Your Donors 


A customizable thank you message has been pre-written for your fundraising profile which thanks your donors for supporting your epic swimming quest and our American heroes.  Your personal fundraising page is also set to scroll a list recognizing your online donors (donors may choose to remain anonymous).  In the general donation page’s introductory message, offline donors are thanked when they click on “Offline Payment Instructions.”  Thanking donors yourself is of course a very nice personal touch!  



Fundraising:  Where it goes, what it does & tax deductibility


We want to be very transparent about our for-profit status and how we work with a non-profit organization. 


All event entry fees and initial fundraising revenue go to Event Marketing Enterprises Inc., DBA: Swim Mission 22.  We are a for-profit professional event management company which produces the Reach the Beach - Chicago public swim as a fundraiser to produce the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program.  We are in the unique position of producing BOTH a public event and a “hands on” Veterans program as part of and as an extension of that event.  


As the professional event management company producing Reach the Beach - Chicago, only we are capable of providing therapeutic benefits for Veterans through their participation in our event and ongoing training program.  No outside charitable organization can provide these services. 


After the budgets for the Reach the Beach – Chicago public swim and Veterans program are met, we will direct 100% of fundraising revenue to the Veterans charity partner we will be working with in tandem to carry out our mission.  We will be naming our charitable partner soon.      


Initial donations going to Swim Mission 22 are not tax-deductible, while subsequent donations going directly to our non-profit partner are tax-deductible.  The tax-deductible portion of the donation will appear on the donation receipt for donor tax purposes.


Your valued fundraising efforts and the generosity of your donors allow us to put on this epic swim experience for you, while empowering disabled U.S. combat Veterans with whom you will interact in Reach the Beach – Chicago.  We are not just throwing money at a faceless cause, but rather are facilitating a means for us to be directly involved in changing lives through funding Veterans’ participation in the program and seeing the positive results first-hand at the event. 


For full details about the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program, please see Swims & Retreat, Mission to Make “22” Irrelevant, and SM22 Veterans Program Outcomes.