How to Use the
"Find Teammates" Forum

Welcome Forum member!


Following are a few procedural instructions to make it easier to connect with others and form a team.



Step #1:  Please use your “Find Teammates” Forum Profile to describe what you are looking for and to promote yourself as a swimmer.


Start by editing your profile to add the word “OPEN” or “CLOSED” after your name (i.e. John Doe – OPEN). 


-  OPEN status lets others shopping for teammates know you are looking to form or join a

team, or you have joined a waitlisted team and want to keep your options open for joining

another team if your team does not receive an entry invitation and another team is looking for a replacement swimmer. 


-  CLOSED status lets others shopping for teammates know you are not currently looking to form or join a team (i.e., you are on a team registered for the event). 

Go to the Members page to find all available swimmers with OPEN status.



In the “About” section of your profile, you may include the following:


-  State the event and division or divisions you are looking (or willing) to participate in (i.e., Reach the Beach – Chicago Men’s or Coed Relay Divisions).  State whether you are willing to serve as a Team Captain or join another Captain’s team.


-  Describe your swimming qualifications.  This may include your “minutes per mile” time, open water events you have participated in, and of course your accomplishments.  Don’t

overlook the non-physical attributes which would make you a good teammate.


 Share a link to your STRAVA account or post workouts from any GPS fitness tracking device to show how you are training.


-  Share your fundraising experience.  Your swim team is also a fundraising team.


 You may add photos or video.


-  Provide off-forum contact information for further discussion.  You may provide social media links to provide more insight into who you are.




See Example of “Find Teammates” Forum Profile



Step #2:  In the Forum, post and respond to posts in the Relay Race and/or Distance Competition discussion categories.


Reach out to the membership with posts that describe what you are looking for in forming or joining a team.  Potential teammates may reply with a comment and click on your profile photo to learn more about you. 


Examples of Post Titles:  “Female swimmer needed to complete our relay team” or “Looking to join team of distance swimmers.”


Look for posts from members who sound like they might make good teammates.  You may reply with comments and click on their profile photos to read their profile descriptions.  


Step #3:  After your team is formed, make sure the Team Captain registers the entire team on the Waitlist ASAP!