Reach the Beach - Chicago


Q -  How do relay and distance competition teams differ?

A -  For both relay teams and distance competition teams, swim intervals will be 30 minutes.


Relay teams are in a race, although team members can obviously choose to be as competitive or non-competitive as they wish. Teams wishing to be competitive will want team members to swim hard for 30 minutes before being relieved by a fresh swimmer who has had 1.5 hours of recovery on the boat. The first teams in each relay division to “reach the beach” receive “Division Champions Awards” (all 4 team members receive cannonball trophies). The top 3 overall male and female swimmers averaging the fastest 30-minute interval over the 22-mile course, receive "Fastest in the Field Awards” (engraved plaques).


Team members of distance competition teams may swim any distance of their choosing in consecutive or non-consecutive 30-minute intervals (up to the entire 22 miles). Swimmers may get in and out of the water at their choosing every 30 minutes. The “Division Champions Award” goes to the team whose members accumulate the greatest distance (each receiving cannonball trophies). The top 3 overall non-gender-specific individuals who swim the greatest distance receive "Distance Champion Awards” (engraved plaques). All who complete the full 22-mile course receive a "Course 22 Completion Award” (also an engraved plaque).


All finishers receive an honorary “Key to the City” (Chicago).

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Q - Can you tell me about the minimum fundraising requirement, quarterly milestone deadlines, confirmation date, credit card guarantee, and opting out?  Can you suggest fundraising strategies?  Can you explain Swim Mission 22's for-profit status and how you work with a non-profit organization?  

A -  Yes we can, but there are no shortcuts here.  Sorry.  You MUST read "Fundraising Details."  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have after reading that section.  Please just Contact Us

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