Swim Mission 22


  1. Charitable Proceeds & Tax Deductibility

  2. Minimum Fundraising Requirements to Qualify for Swim

  3. Swim Cancellation or Alterations

  4. Refund Policy


1.  Charitable Proceeds & Tax Deductibility 


All event entry fees and initial fundraising revenue go to Event Marketing Enterprises Inc., DBA: Swim Mission 22.  We are a for-profit professional event management company which produces the Reach the Beach - Chicago public swim as a fundraiser to produce the Swim Mission 22 Veterans Program.  We are in the unique position of producing BOTH a public event and a “hands on” Veterans program as part of and as an extension of that event.  


As the professional event management company producing Reach the Beach - Chicago, only we are capable of providing therapeutic benefits for Veterans through their participation in our event and ongoing training program.  No outside charitable organization can provide these services. 


After the budgets for the Reach the Beach – Chicago public swim and Veterans program are met, we will direct 100% of fundraising revenue to the Veterans charity partner we will be working with in tandem to carry out our mission.  We will be naming our charitable partner soon.      


Initial donations going to Swim Mission 22 are not tax-deductible, while subsequent donations going directly to our non-profit partner are tax-deductible.  The tax-deductible portion of the donation will appear on the donation receipt for donor tax purposes.


For more information on Swim Mission 22, please see www.SwimMission22.com.



2.  Minimum Fundraising Requirements to Qualify for Swim 


Individual team members MUST meet their minimum fundraising requirement to qualify to swim in the event. 


Teams must register with 4 swimmers and maintain 4 swimmers for each quarter of the fundraising campaign.  Teams may swim short-handed with penalties (see Swim Procedures - Rules - Strategy), if individual team members do not qualify.  However, a team’s collective fundraising must generate a minimum of $15,000 in revenue (the equivalent of $350 entry fee + $3,400 minimum fundraising requirement x 4 swimmers) for the team to participate in the event. 


While we have gone to great lengths to relatively assure teams will have 4 qualifying swimmers, through a credit card guarantee policy designed to keep replacement swimmers and their teams on pace for fundraising, if we should be forced into cancelling a team’s participation due to a collective fundraising shortfall, we will offer individual qualifying team members the following choices.


  • Place Team Members on Another Team:  We will try to work with other Team Captains to fill roster vacancies (if they exist) with qualifying team members displaced by the cancellation.  If more than one team is facing cancellation, teams may be combined. 


  • Refund & Right of First Refusal for Following Year:  Qualifying team members will be refunded their entry fees.  Teams will be given right of first refusal to enter the same Swim Mission 22 event the following year but must replace team members who did not qualify.  Unfortunately, fundraising revenue cannot be deferred and applied to the following year’s minimum fundraising requirement.



3.  Swim Cancellation or Alterations


The swim may be cancelled, delayed, terminated early once underway, or the swim course may be shortened, due to acts of God (i.e. bad weather and/or lake conditions), or for any reason beyond the control of Swim Mission 22 (force majeure) without refunds.  While the Event Director will be monitoring the weather and lake conditions to make these decisions, the U.S. Coast Guard may make a decision independent of the Event Director which may overrule the Director’s decision.  Charter boat Captains have the ultimate authority to make these decisions individually when they believe their craft is in peril and the safety of souls aboard and in the water are imminently at risk.     


We will swim in the rain.  We will not swim in thunderstorms.


If the swim should be cancelled in its’ entirety for the aforementioned reasons, we will offer right of first refusal to all affected teams for the same Swim Mission 22 event the following year.  Unfortunately, fundraising revenue cannot be deferred and applied to the following year’s minimum fundraising requirement.


In the unlikely occurrence the event is cancelled due to lack of participation and/or fundraising which makes the event financially unviable, entry fees will be refunded.  Right of first refusal will apply to all active participants affected by the cancellation, if the event is held the following year.



4.  Refund Policy  


Fundraising revenue is nonrefundable.  Entry fees are also non-refundable, except in a case where Swim Mission 22 cancels the participation of qualifying swimmers due to their teammates not meeting minimum fundraising requirements (see #2 above) or in a case where the entire event is cancelled due to financial unviability (see #3 above).  Refunds will not be given for any other reason, including but not limited to, participants opting out of the swim for not meeting a minimum fundraising requirement (or for any reason), poor weather or lake conditions, and any act of God or occurrence beyond the control of event organizers (force majeure - see #3 above).