July 9, 2022


Swim out & back to beyond the Lake Michigan horizon from the beach alongside America’s tallest & most spectacular skyline!

Imagine standing on the beach as the sun breaks above a seemingly endless expanse of water to the east. You are part of a four-person amphibious force with the mission to swim 11 miles out to sea beyond the horizon and rendezvous with some of America's finest combat Veterans - then turn west and race the sun to execute a beach landing in Chicago before sunset.  Your team is well prepared to carry out its’ mission and so is the crew assigned to your dedicated support vessel.  Whether or not you have served in the armed forces, today you are an open water swim warrior. 

As you swim for each new horizon, where few have ventured, more of the shoreline disappears behind you.  Then on the return as you strive to REACH THE BEACH, the skyscrapers of America’s tallest and most spectacular skyline spring from the water in all their magnificence as you get closer to the finish! 


Will your team be the tip of the spear as the first to reach the beachhead?  How far will each team member swim?  The fastest teams and the team whose members collectively swim the greatest distance will be duly honored, as well as the individuals who are the fastest and those who swim the furthest (perhaps swimming all 22 miles).


When you reach the beach and your team plants the American flag in the sand, it is mission accomplished! You have successfully completed the 22-mile relay race or distance competition.  Congratulations!  This is the same distance as crossing the English Channel! 


The number “22” also has great significance in the military community, and that is really what this mission is all about.


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Public Swim Teams

Veteran Swim Team

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SWIM MISSION 22 (Lake Michigan theater):  Operation Reach the Beach - Chicago.


YOUR ORDERS:  Open water swim warriors swim 11 miles beyond horizon for rendezvous with Veteran contingent.  Return to execute beach landing in Chicago.   


SWIM MISSION 22 (Lake Michigan theater):  Operation Reach the Beach - Chicago.


YOUR ORDERS:  Day 1 rendezvous with open water swim warriors offshore at mile 11.  Conduct Day 2 offshore search & rescue for Jim "The Shark" Dreyer and secure classified cargo. 

Swim to Chicago and execute beach landing  




Reach the Beach - Chicago is limited to 12 teams of 4 swimmers, 

meaning only 48 participants may be accepted to serve in this

important mission for disabled U.S. combat Veterans. 


Become one of the few and proud enlisted for Swim Mission 22!